Dec 29, 2010

Anyone catch Hannity last night?

Of course, with the holidays upon us most of the regular hosts are on vacation. Tucker Carlson was sitting in for Sean Hannity last night.

I know nothing about Mr. Carlson and to be honest was barely paying attention UNTIL they started discussing Michael Vick. What caught my attention? Hearing Tucker Carlson say "I personally think Michael Vick should have been executed for that."
 referring to Michael Vick's involvement with dog fighting that landed him in jail for 18 months

I honestly had to do a double take....HUH? Did he just say what I thought he said?

When my husband came back into the room I was telling him about the segment. At this time I was still a little unsure as to what was really said. 

I didn't know for sure until I saw his name trending all over the net. 

Yes, he did say that.


I'm an animal lover. You probably could tell by the numerous pics of my cat on this site.
I've got my own opinions on Mr. Vick.
But execution?

What are your thoughts?

Were you watching last night?



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