Nov 24, 2008


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I am going to let you all in on a secret.....

When our shipment of TOOBEEZ arrived last Wednesday, my kiddos were out of town with grandma. I stared at the big box for about oh......two minutes before opening it. I just could not help myself. I started building......and I built a tent (pretty big one), ship (or at least I thought it looked like one), a house, and then amused myself with several other "Weird" creations.

TOOBEEZ are so much fun!!

I called my pal that lives down the street and told her about my new TOOBEEZ. She said "TOO-WHAT??" Umm hello...TOOBEEZ, They are like Gigantic Tinkertoys. Don't you remember tinkertoys?

TOOBEEZ® name simply comes from "tubes and easy" and unlike any other product TOOBEEZ® combines a highly imaginative multi-tasking approach and results. Determined, optimistic, innovative and resourceful. These are key traits necessary to become a successful business in today’s economy.

TOOBEEZ are easy to put together too. Each "Tube" fits into a "Sphere" through special grooves and all you have to do is give the tube a slight twist and it locks into place.

There are a few different sized "Tubes" in each kit so you can build and build until your imagination gives out.

As soon as my kids arrived home, They saw my creations and became a little jealous of my talents but I told them not to worry because building with TOOBEEZ is not that complicated at all and anyone could do it ....(haha!) Ok, maybe I made that part up. It was more like them making a mad dash for the TOOBEEZ and forgetting about mom. :Sigh:

Needless to say, they like TOOBEEZ just as much as I do.

I was browsing through the pamplets and discovered that TOOBEEZ can also be used for education purposes as well as physical education activities.

There are workbooks with tons of activities for classroom use such as Math problems and Language activities. I am actually going to be using some within my own lessonplans soon!

They would make great Christmas gifts for all kiddos on your list.



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