Sep 6, 2008

Fun w/ toilet paper rolls & balloons

My little ones had a special theme this week....."All About Me" so we did a fun craft using toilet paper rolls and balloons.

FUNNY "ME" dolls
All you need:
toilet paper rolls -one per child
balloons-one per child
construction paper

Wrap each toilet paper roll with construction paper and have child decorate the "Clothing".
Then trace hands and feet out onto another sheet of construction paper.
To attach the hands, I cut two small holes on each side of the toilet paper roll and inserted a piece of rolled-up construction paper. This will be an "anchor" for your glue and hands.
GLUE the hands on.
Then I traced a circle using the bottom of your toilet paper roll. Attached the circle to the bottom of the toilet paper roll and glued the feet. (The circle punch will serve as another anchor for the glue).
Once your body is constructed just blow up a balloon *NOT TOO MUCH THOUGH!
Place the balloon on top and using a marker add the eyes, nose and mouth.
Now you have your very own "ME" Funny guy.
The lil princess decided that she also needed a mustache as well as a tattoo on her arm.



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