Apr 29, 2008

I really did see it coming

Everytime I turn the tv on or pick up a magazine there she is.....Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). I have heard and read OVER and OVER again how she is a real down to earth "GOOD GIRL". I honestly wanted to believe that she wanted to stay sweet and innocent, I REALLY DID! However, I had my doubts. I mean COME ON! She is living the Hollywood lifestyle and we all know how that one plays out ahem....Lindsay, Paris, Britney.
NO, that was NOT going to happen to Hannah Montana though, right?
I really did see this coming. As I watched all the Entertainment shows I would see her doing the "Pouty" face towards the camera while walking around in 4 inch heels.
Now we have the "Vanity Fair" photo shoot where she is posing half nude.
Where were her parents?
Oh, they were there.
Why were they allowing this?
me thinks: they are liking that Hannah Montana $$ and lifestyle so they are willing to do just about anything for exposure. HEY, Whatever it takes, right? @@-rolling my eyes
What are your thoughts?


gina on April 30, 2008 at 3:03 PM said...

ok, this is the second time i've heard about this on a blog today but i have no idea what it's about. i hope i am not going to be too disappointed- i had really put those Cyrus s up on a pedastal. sigh.


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