Dec 24, 2009

hmm....I just don't know about all of this

So, I've been thinking . . .

hahaha SHUT UP!

I've been thinking about this whole "Christmas" thing. No, not about the TRUE MEANING. I know all about that (Happy Birthday Jesus!).
More about the Santa thing....the presents....the blah blah blah.
I don't know why.
This year....
Well, it's really taking a toll on me.
I've been so darn grinchy and I'm all "Bah-Humbug" and stuff.
Actually, I've been ANGRY.
I'm just sick of the commercialization.
I'm tired of worrying about HOW MANY gifts the kids will be getting.
Does one kid have more than the other . . .
Did we spend more on one than the other . . .
What about grandma?
I don't wanna get her some cheap gift again.
We're always broke around the holidays.
And I know that our BROKE is not SOMEONE ELSE'S BROKE and that makes me feel guilty.
It makes me feel sad.

**UGH and I had to pause right there to CRY.**

I'm also tired of being so freaking emotional.

Simmer down, already.

Anyway, my first point :
There are so many families out there that don't get ANYTHING at ALL for Christmas.
I want to do something.
It's the same thing every.single.year.

"We don't have the money."
"Next year, I am gonna do this and that and then some."

I'm tired of that.

Just tired.

I am making a pledge to turn this around by the time next Christmas gets here.
I want to help others.
No, I'm not gonna run out and adopt myself a "BIG MIKE" although I would really REALLY like
*Have you seen The Blind Side? GOT.TO.SEE.THAT.MOVIE. ahhhh!

I am gonna do something.


You know, that big guy in the red suit?

Ay Yi Yi...
It's getting confusing and annoying.
I mean, honestly.
I'm running out of excuses and cover-ups to tell the kids.

"Mommy, how can Santa be here, here and HERE at the same time?"
"Mommy, I thought Santa's elves made all the toys. How come this one says TARGET?"

"Mommy, the kid next door said Santa only brings them 2 presents."
"Why does he bring everyone else more?"


Oh, I am not done.
The Elf on the Shelf

Yeah Yeah
Cute idea.


Try answering this one :
"Mommy, the kids next door and down the street have an elf."
"Why don't we have an elf?"

I can't just tell them the TRUTH...
Uh, momma's cheap.

Magic Snow
Reindeer Food
Reindeer Poop
Magical Elves
2 presents

8 presents


One more thing:
I'm getting real tired of looking like the CHEAP-O on Christmas Eve.
Why does SANTA have to bring the GOOD stuff?

Once again
I started this post with a purpose in mind.
I'm not sure if I get it now.
Maybe you will?

*Have you all see this in the stores? It's candy.
Now who on EARTH wants POOP candy?*


Kim on December 24, 2009 at 4:31 PM said...

Oh my dear, Gracie Lou...I'm in the same boat as you. Luckily, I only have M, but she asks me if Santa is real & I hate, Hate, HATE to lie! I'm wondering if she'll figure out the writing...Gena was just talking about a friend who's kids won't have any presents & how I wish I could help. I understand.

Unknown on December 25, 2009 at 12:07 AM said...

First, Merry Christmas, honey!

And I know exactly what you's so freaking hard! And mine don't even ask questions yet...but the whole thing is out of control. And every year I want to adopt a family and then the next year? The whole money thing. It just makes me sad.

And Christmas is supposed to be joyous time. And this year I am wondering where is the joy?

Totally understand you and this post. And who the heck would eat reindeer poop?! Lol!!

Pres. Kathy on December 25, 2009 at 9:35 AM said...

I wish you a Merry Christmas! I know how you feel - lets fix it for next year!! By the way, the candy fromthe donkey's butt - my husband and I were peeing in our pants!

Corrie Howe on December 25, 2009 at 7:20 PM said...

I had to laugh. One year my daughter wanted Barbie and her dog Tyler, which she renamed "the pooping dog." And she really didn't want the Barbie, just "the pooping dog."

Yes, this is the same daughter who thought the burping dinosaur and 4-D movie of the sneezing dog at Disney were the hit of the entire week.

Alesha @ Full Time Mama on December 26, 2009 at 2:16 PM said...

We got my brother a pooping reindeer for Christmas one year... Right up his alley. =)
You know how I feel about all this, as I posted on it last week (I think?). I'm still determined to do more for others next year.
As far as Santa, we told our kids from the get-go that he wasn't real. Aside from wanting them to remember it was about Jesus and not Santa, I didn't want to be where you are now... Trying to figure out how to keep it going AND dealing with their heartbreak when they discover the truth...
Good luck with that part! My heart goes out to you! =)
Hope your Christmas was wonderful!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin on December 27, 2009 at 11:07 PM said...

How immature does it make me if I think the poop candy is hilarious?


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